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Live footage exposing what's really in your pet's food.

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Stop Feeding Us Rubbish! feature video (8:56)

The truth about pet food labeling (0:42)

What happens to unwanted dogs & cats (2:25)

What's really in you pet's food (5:32)

The truth about Iams/Eukanuba (7:07)

Dogs dead from treats made in China (3:05)

Chinease food poisening our pets (31:31)

Trace metals analysis of pet food (47:37)



Natural and Organic trick marketing: According to AAFCO's pet food standards, the definition "natural" can indeed have artificially processed ingredients. However, the term "organic" has very strict legal guidelines under the USDA National Organic Program. xxx

So what some of these commercial pet food companies are doing is, using the term "organic" in their Branding Name of the food, whether or not their product fits the definition. The food is not truly certified ORGANIC unless it has the green and white USDA ORGANIC seal on the front of the package.

Regarding "Organic" Ingredients - crop and meat can still become contaminated with mold and bacteria etc. in its stages of growth, and can still imply harsh welfare conditions on animals used as "production units".

And as far as "natural" goes - mold is natural, disease is natural (a natural cause of death) via animals that drop down dead of disease; same goes with road kill (a natural cause of death "natural"), grain is natural but a food made up of mostly grain is not healthy for pets. So just because the wrapper looks "clean and healthy" does not mean that is what's on the inside of the bag!


To make things worse, some pet food companies are in the process of teaming up with perfume and flavoring companies. They are going to launch a new "Feel Good" program that will allow pet food manufacturers to make products that have perfume applied so that it will be more pleasing to the pet owners, as well as the pets. They are going to be able to inject a masking perfume into the finished product like roasted chicken, beef, and italian seasoning.

Another issue is that these aromas are going to be able to last all the way through to the end of the bag. Low quality meat ingredients of limited nutritional value are still limited in nutritional value regardless of any aroma being added. Moldy grain sprayed with perfume is still moldy grain! These aromas add no value for the pet. They just want to move product to get rich without making a positive impact on the pet's health. We'll keep you posted as we get more info on this topic.


Did you know that while probiotics may be listed as a pet food ingredient, that it may not show up in the guaranteed analysis as the probiotics may no longer be "alive" due to harsh processing? What is listed in the guaranteed analysis does have to be there. In many cases harsh processing conditions "deadens" the probiotics. What counts is the probiotics being listed in the guaranteed analysis to ensure they are still alive.



Another trick marketing tactic is using multiple colors and shapes, to lead the buyer into thinking each color/shape represents a certain vegetable or nutrient and so forth. The truth in the matter is this, those different colors and shapes are just another piece of kibble! -Artificially colored. Using human psychology knowing that, people prefer something that looks pretty and/or attractive; that "looks" nutritious.


Puppy and Kitten foods are yet another marketing ploy. Puppy and kitten formulas are under a bit higher regulation and must contain a higher level of nutrition. This means higher cost and less profits to the pet food manufacturer; thus is the reason for Adult Formulas. Adult pet food formulas can be made a lot cheaper. So their plan is to get your pet off the puppy or kitten food and onto the "cheaper" Adult formula so they can make higher profits.

Noble pet food companies would have one high quality formula for all ages and stages of dogs and cats, but some have now decided to offer multiple formulas (including a "puppy" formula) to ease consumers pre-programmed mind-sets.


I see commercial pet food websites with trick marketing. On one page or area of their website they'll talk about what makes a quality pet food, but yet the food they make or are offering does NOT match up to what they teach upon! They trick naive minds with getting people to think there is a "correlation" between what they teach upon with their brand of pet food; as if they go together. But in fact, what they teach upon is a different story from what they "actually" offer.


Duality: commercial pet food companies along with stores that carry commercial pet food that promote they are giving a portion of their product sales towards or are raising money for CANCER RESEARCH for dogs, when the food that they offer IS a "potential" cause of cancer in dogs and cats to make themselves "appear" to be helping towards the problem. Duality is help+harm / toward+against at the same time that equals NULL; like one step forward with one step back ... you are really not gaining towards solving the world's problems that way.

Combining healthy ingredients in with toxic chemical-based ingredients is of duality. Using healthy ingredients (like chicken or carrots) that is defiled or defected in some way is also of duality. And while using a pure clean source of chicken is good, chicken retains a lot of water therefore a "watered down" (diluted) food is not so good...if the pet stops eating (due to fullness on water content of the food) before arriving at the intake of nutrients per that feeding, can cause malnutrition - in this case, what "appears" to be "positive only" really isn't when looking at the WHOLE picture of health. Holistic Health (holistic health care professionals) focuses on the Bigger Picture of health in wholeness of "do no harm".

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that: "Nutrition is the most important single factor affecting health. This is true at age 1 or 101. But too often, this fact is overlooked in the development of new health programs. Nutrition is a specific factor in the prevention and control of many chronic diseases".

Saying you love your pet with giving them rubbish pet food is duality; your actions do not match up with your words. The Holy Bible calls this "double-minded", it is also known as being split and not whole.


Medicated Formulas. A good healthy quality pet food with proper sources of nutrition that is clean and non-toxic is naturally "health-promoting" to the body. To make "rubbish" pet food "health-promoting" (so-to-say) is to make it "medicated" thereby taking a negative product (rubbish pet food) then adding more negative ingredients (medicine) to counteract the initial negative effect. I'm sorry folks, but a negative + a negative does NOT equal "true" positive results! -Its only masking the problem and making it worse. So if the pet food is causing urinary track infections, they just through in there medicine to counteract it. But with pharmaceutical medicine we all know that they come with toxic side effects. One drug leads to another; like opening up a Pandora's box of one negative thing that leads to yet more negative things to happen, one after another. It's not about medicating the body to be "so-called" healthy, but getting in alignment with God's Laws that produce health, and that is by eliminating ALL the sabotaging negative factors that are alien to the body (stop being alienated by aliens!, stop being adducted by their alien nature!).



"A man who is right with God cares for his animal, but the sinful man is hard and has no pity."  
Proverbs 12:10 NLV




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